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European Journal of Geography

The publication of the European Journal of Geography (EJG) is based on the European Association of Geographers goal to make European Geography a worldwide reference and standard. Thus, the scope of the EJG is to publish original and innovative papers that will substantially improve, in a theoretical, conceptual or empirical way the quality of research, learning, teaching and applying geography, as well as in promoting the significance of geography as a discipline. Submissions are encouraged to have a European dimension.
The European Journal of Geography is a peer-reviewed open access journal. Articles and book reviews are published under free licenses, and anyone is allowed to read, download, copy, and distribute them.
Contributions to the EJG are welcomed. They should conform to the Instructions for Authors and submitted electronically, while books for review should be sent to the editor. The content of this journal does not necessarily represent the views or policies of EUROGEO except where explicitly identified as such.

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The European Journal of Geography is published by EUROGEO - the European Association of Geographers (www.eurogeography.eu).


Current Issue
The brain as a multi-layered map. Scales and reference points for pattern recognition in neuroimaging - Margarita Zaleshina, Alexander Zaleshin
Planning, Urban Sprawl and Spatial Thinking - Maria Jesus Gonzalez Gonzalez
The role of geographical maps in territorial disputes between Japan and Korea - Arnon Medzini
Language awareness in Geography education: An analysis of the potential of bilingual Geography education for teaching Geography to language learners - Michael Morawski, Alexandra Budke
Learning Geography with underground maps - Juan Antonio Garcia Gonzalez
SIGECAH as a tool for the collaborative learning of Social Sciences in Andalusian Secondary Schools - Angel Ignacio Aguilar Cuesta
Monitoring soil erosion by raster images, from aerial photographs to drone taken pictures - Eugenia Perez, Pilar Garcia
Active sport tourism in Poland: Environmental conditions and motivational aspects - Rajmund Tomik, Gerard Kosmala, Agnieszka Ardenska
Spatial analysis of tourist activities and services in the historic city: The cases of Malaga and Plymouth - Daniel Barrera Fernandez, Marco Hernandez Escampa
The city from complex system theories. An approach to the study of Malaga urban area - Carlota Angela Escudero Gallegos
Volume 8, No 1, 2017